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Heidi Lotta, Finland.

Posting makeup & style photos.
Love gyaru, especially manba and yamanba.

Why am I so alone? I feel like the most unwanted person on earth. I just don’t even know what friends are anymore. I could just disappear and no one would even notice. Why do I even bother anymore.. 

I never do anything, seriously. Just go to work, straight home. I need to save so much money, so perhaps that’s exactly what I should be doing, but I just don’t wanna be alone _all the time_. 

I just wanna save up and get the fuck outta here and never talk to these people again ;_______; 

kraems: You are so gorgeous ♡

thank you(。♥‿♥。)

glass-child-yuriai: You are totally inspiring <3 love from Brazil :3

Thank you so much^^ ♥

demonicxgyaru: your an amazing gyaru! your makeup is perfect <3

Aw thank you >w< ♥

Anonymous: hiya you are such a cutie omg, I just had to follow you, I have never seen you before and am very glad I came across your page ♥ --saihariigyaru (lol I put anon cause it keeps linking to my main blog that I never update lmao)

Thank you so much♥ you have great style too, love it!